Sunday, 30 October 2011

Artist Ahmad Moualla

Ahmad Mouall Re-created Vitality  
The artistic work is an expressionistic structure whose achievement differs from the causes and special characteristics of this work. When an artist halts his work, he has declared the beginning of a new stage – this is described as the independent life of the work, filled with the symbols that cannot be understood in terms of the specific meanings that might have been intended for them when the artist turned the connection with reality into a metaphorical one, using this connection’s radiance to reduce this connection or the the various reference-points that lead to classifying the work as representative of a certain trend or style. By this we mean that the artist’s presence will not be complete in an independent work in and of itself; he is more present in the experience that is assembled through a continual state of experimentation, which develops, each time, a number of consequences bearing the artist’s vision and selectivity and constitutes his final decision, as represented in the challenges that crystallize in the form of an artistic work containing signs and symbols. This renders the work isolated; it has nothing to do with being a mechanical cloning of a visual tale or a visual mode that is conditioned by referring to a specific thing itself.

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